Licchavi House will work to ensure that, while the Nepalese necessarily adjust to modern needs, they also continue to cherish, uphold and celebrate their country’s extraordinary heritage and contribution to the world.

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, Founder

Vision in action​

Overlooking the UNESCO listed Great Stupa of Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Licchavi House is a lifestyle hotel with a difference. The outer shell anticipates the vision and the inner spaces bring it to life. Honoring the elegance of traditional Nepali design with a fresh, contemporary feeling, the building creates a truly open and welcoming atmosphere. The vision amplifies the idea of hospitality to include local communities: a regional hub for social and cultural engagement, business, spiritual growth and the arts, Licchavi House is an integrated platform to serve local residents as well as discerning travellers looking to enjoy and experience the genuine heart of Nepalese heritage. 


For centuries, Boudhanath has reflected the historical and social changes of Nepal. Licchavi House takes on a new role as a hub of collaboration for the enrichment of the cultural life of Nepali communities. In addition to lodging service, Licchavi House’s outreach program offers courses, workshops and cultural events in socially relevant areas such as environmental issues, performing arts, ethical and spiritual growth, inter-cultural communication and more.

Founder’s Vision


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